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Novo jogo da série Baldur's Gate (aka BG 1.5)
Raneforyon • 17 17America/Sao_Paulo julho 17America/Sao_Paulo 2015 • 19:34

Bom senhores, para quem não sabe, a Beamdog, a empresa que fez as Enhanced Edition dos Baldur's Gate e do Icewind Dale, está trabalhando em novo jogo na série Baldur's Gate que se passará entre o primeiro e o segundo jogo. Chamará Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear e a Rock Paper Shotgun tem um artigo bastante interessante sobre ele:

There was always a strange disconnect between the Baldur’s Gate games. The first ended with the player a hero, yet its sequel began with them as an outcast for reasons that were never explained. Patching this plothole, Siege of Dragonspear continues two weeks after the climax of Baldur’s Gate, with the player celebrated for their efforts but, at the same time, suspected (correctly) of carrying the same dangerously divine heritage as the first game’s antagonist. Leaving town for a little while isn’t a bad idea and investigating strange happenings further up the Sword Coast is as good an excuse as any.

Trouble is sweeping across the High Moor in the form of a strange crusade, lead by a mysterious and charismatic commander known only as the Shining Lady. She sallies forth from the ruins of Castle Dragonspear (careful, that Forgotten Realms wiki is a timesink), seizing supplies from the locals to feed her ever-expanding army. But to what end?

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